Tri-Colour Toque Pattern aka Jayne Cobb Toque

Sparkle & Doom Designs

My Dear Husband requested a toque like Jayne Cobb’s from Firefly.  I made him one following a free pattern – but it just worked up looking wrong.  So I made my own pattern up, which I probably should have done in the first place.

Introductory sale :: 40% off with code jayne

& if you’re lucky you can get one FREE! Use code freejayne :: only 25 available

Find it on Ravelry here!

The pattern is available in Child, Teen/Adult, & Large Adult.  I can test Teen/Adult & Large Adult out of the members of my household, but I couldn’t test a Child size.  Thankfully I have found a fellow crocheter who has time to test, and does a wonderful job of it. 😀 Her little Goober is pretty cute too.

You can make it in the traditional {lol} yellow/orange/red combo, or switch it up.  Use three contrasting colours…

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