Lynda Carroll

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

You’re sitting there, and the words have disappeared.

The problem is that you need the words to reappear. So what do you do?

It’s no good cruising the internet; those are other people’s words and ideas. You need your own inspiration to sally forth.

There are only so many lists you can make before you start repeating yourself and running out of sticky notes.

You can only have one or two cups of tea and walks around the garden before the day starts to slip away.

Of course, I know this because I’ve been there…quite a few times. I’ll probably head there again at some stage, but I can’t really afford to let it happen too often.

So I’ve developed my own technique of overcoming blocks and apathy. I write a letter to myself, detailing what it is I need to do, how and when.

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