Sea Caves and Beaches

SV Mahi

sugarbeachThe Mahi crew decided during our stay on Great Harbour Cay to rent a golf cart and visit the beaches around the island.  If you come here, we highly recommend this as some beautiful locations are too far away to dinghy or easily walk to.

We sent Joe off to the rental office to get a vehicle.  These rentals are not inexpensive, and for your money you obtain a rather dilapidated golf cart with cracked windshield, and highly questionable steering.  Such is the way of the islands, so you laugh and roar off towards the beaches going about 10 miles per hour.  Good times!

First stop- Sugar Beach.  Sugar Beach has miles and miles of white sand, turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.  Stunning location, and we swam in the waters while Ethan played in the sand and explored the shore.

I was able to obtain a…

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