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It is finished & it is glorious!!


The yarn is beautiful. The colour changes are subtle. I ordered the extra small skein of the beginning colour to do the collar. I did have enough of the initial skein however to finish the collar in dark grey/black if I had wanted to.

Order yourself one from me!

My project page on Ravelry can be found here.

Some notes about this pattern:
XDC = I did the following: SK 1 st, TR, CH1, in skipped st TR

R22,25,28,31,34,37,40: it says sl st to next st, 3dc,…. = I subbed in CH3 for the 3dc as I believe that’s what the pattern writer meant

Collar: Make sure you are working on the “wrong side” from what you were working before so that when the collar is folded over the right side of the stitches is facing outwards.

I did a crab st/reverse single…

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