The intricate business of creating a coffee plunger cozy!

Crochet with Raymond


I hope you’re all enjoying your sunday… many of my blog friends will be fast asleep (or out on the town!) as I type this… I was reflecting the other day, on how amazing it is to meet and keep in touch with so many people from all around the world, and follow their lives.  It makes me realise how isolated we are all the way down at the bottom of Mother Earth, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching your seasons change, I feel so much more… connected!  It’s great.  I hope you are all enjoying watching my winter turn into spring and not feel too many regrets about the changes you’re going through…  I promise to post many pictures of sunshiney happiness to warm you up on the inside in a few months time!

No sunshiney happiness is happening here today though!  It seemed like it might be…

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