Merry-Go-Round: 1 Motif – 2 Ways



You may remember me showing you this pattern that I was working on way back here.

Well that was January and now it’s almost the end of April!  Once again time has flown out the door and this almost finished pattern has sat glaring at me ever since.  Mainly because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it …. hexi or square …. cushion or blanket … this or that …

So enough with the muddled over-thinking!  I give it to you as is and you can choose what you would like to make.  Hexi or Square it’s up to you (or you could even make just the circle and use it as a pretty little embellishment or even a garland…)

OK let’s make stuff!

merrygoround_squares_LMerry-Go-Round Pattern:

I’ve written out the patterns in both US terms and UK/AUS terms.  Find the version you’re familiar with and lets get hookin…


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