Crocheted Earrings!

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As promised on Craftster, I have some new crochet patterns.  Remember the usual copyright rules apply to everything I post.  So no copying patterns/images or selling them, please.  If you’d like to use something towards a charity, email me the details and we’ll work something out.  Thanks.  Boring lecture over, here’s the fun part!  A warning:  I tend to «manhandle» my yarn ends, since I generally can’t be bothered to properly weave my tails in.  Hide them however you like, just make sure they’re secure.

This is going to be a long post.. If you don’t/can’t crochet, go learn.  Really.


Trypdisc Earrings


I’ve used Vanna’s Choice in red, rust, and mustard and whichever hook I grabbed first (probably 3-4 mm).  You can use any yarn, really, and whichever size they recommend.

Chain 4.  This will form your first triple crochet

Triple crochet 12 or 13 more times into the…

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