Hexagon Blanket

maRRose CCC

maRRose - CCC: hexagon blanket in black. grey, white and redWell this is a very happy «ta-dah» moment! The hexagon blanket in black, white, grey and red is finished and I’m a little bit in love – especially with how the border turned out!
After I had made my first Nordic Shawl, I was left with quite a lot of the acrylic HEMA-yarn I crocheted it with.
Having cuddled up under the shawl during cold nights, I came up with the idea of crocheting a blanket with this yarn, in colors matching our living room decor (hence the black, grey, white and red).
Of course I ended up buying more of the HEMA-yarn, but the 50gr balls being priced just 1 euro each was really not a reason not to!

Remembering how much fun I had crocheting my first hexagon blanket in 2011, I decided to look for a nice hexagon pattern for this one too and found it…

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