Crochet Tutorial: Roly Poly Panda Quilt

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Searching for inspiration on a new project practically fell into my lap recently! I ran across a wall hanging/quilt project that popped up on my news feed on Facebook of a Fabric Panda Blanket. I was fixated on it and took a screenshot with the idea that I could somehow replicate it using all crochet. The cute peeking pandas pop right out on this blanket and add a touch of whimsy!!

The shape in the quilting world that was used for the original pieces was called the clam-shell. Seeing that replicating the clam-shell shape was going to be a bit of a challenge in crochet that I didn’t want to take on, I decided to create this project using all full circles and half circles.

Picking out my color palette was my second challenge as the template that I was working off of used many shades of printed fabric. How…

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