Snowball Fight! I saw this cute little stuffed snowball play set to have indoor snowball fights with your family and I knew I just had to make a crochet version. Here it is, my FREE pattern: NOTES *All materials will be listed with each pattern (Bucket, Snowballs, Snowflake) *Bucket and Snowballs are worked in continuous rounds with no joins or chains *If you decide to add faces like the other versions offer, remember not to add any hard pieces like safety eyes, google eyes, or even fabric paint. Also make sure to only stuff with fiber fill and do not over stuff because they will become stiff and hardened. * Another option is to make Pom Pom snowballs instead! STITCH GUIDE arnd = around ch = chain dc = double crochet dec = decrease FPdc = Front Post double crochet picot = picot sc = single crochet SPECIAL STITCHES Picot = Chain amount indicated, sl st into the 1st ch of the ch just made. BUCKET Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn *I used Razorbacks (about 100yds) J hook Tapestry Needle (to hide strings) 1. Magic Ring, 10 dc in ring (10) 2. 2 dc arnd (20) 3. *2 dc, dc* arnd (30) 4. BLO dc arnd (30) 5. *2 dc, dc x 9* arnd (33) 6. *2 dc, dc x 10* arnd (36) 7. dc arnd (36) 8. *2 dc, dc 17* 2X (38) 9. dc arnd (38) 10. *2 dc, dc x 18* 2X (40) 11. *Ch 10, sk 5 sts, sl st in next st (6th st), sc x 14* 2X 12. sc arnd, working 10 scs in both ch-10 sps. (48) -Bucket Holds 5 Snowballs- SNOWBALLS Worsted Weight Yarn in White Fake Fur Yarn in White H Hook Fiber Fill Holding both yarns together (double stranding): 1. Magic Ring , 6 sc in ring (6) 2. 2 sc arnd (12) 3. *2 sc, sc* arnd (18) 4. *2 sc, sc x 2* arnd (24) 5-10. sc arnd (24) 11. *dec, sc x 2* arnd (18) 12. *dec, sc* arnd (12) STUFF 13. dec arnd (6) Weave through last 6 sts and pull tight to close. Hide string inside snowball. SNOWFLAKE APPLIQUE Light Worsted Weight Yarn G Hook Yarn needle 1. Ch 4, join to form a ring 2. Ch 1, 12 sc in ring, sl st to join (12) 3. *Ch 5, sk next st, sl st to next sc* arnd (6 – ch-5 sps) 4. *(ch 3 picot, ch 5 picot, ch 3 picot), 2 sc in each ch 5 sp. Fasten. Sew to front of bucket. Fasten. Hide tails. I hope you have loads of fun! Written Pattern © 2013 Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs. Please do not sell, share, or modify this pattern, but instead share the link to where the pattern can be found. You may sell items you make with this pattern. This pattern, as with all Blackstone Designs/Sonya Blackstone patterns, are not for educational use without written permission from the designer. This pattern was originally posted on my Beautiful Ducklings blog.

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