Row by Row JAYG (or, the boomerang join) 


Hi, y’all! I’ve developed a new joining method called «Row by Row Join as you go» – or the «boomerang join» as I’ve nicknamed it. This was also my very first YouTube video tutorial on my new channel! If you enjoy it, like and subscribe as I will be uploading a new tutorial video on Thursday of each week.

PDF on Ravelry

If you’d like a printable PDF of the join, head to the Ravelry page. (4 pages, with photos)


Row by Row JAYG is a method for joining granny squares for a blanket. It is a simplified alternative to the continuous join-as-you-go, worked in horizontal rows, then in vertical rows, until the entire blanket is joined, much like if you were to Slip St join or SC your squares together.

Because the joins are worked to and fro, I have nicknamed this the “Boomerang Join.”…

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