Crochet Tutorial: Sugar Skull Ski Mask

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This Halloween season I’ve been seeing a lot of these Sugar Skulls on display, and they are seemingly becoming more and more popular.

The Sugar Skull originates from a tradition born in Mexico. Skulls are decorated in bright colors and would be filled with chocolate candy or other sugary treats. This is a symbol of life, taking something that is commonly associated with death, decorating it with beautiful accents. Thus giving it a new lease on life, such as life after death. It’s a celebration commemorating Dia De Los Muertos.

Sugar SkullThis is my crocheted version of the Sugar Skull. Feel free to get as creative and decorative because everyone is different and there is such a great variety in this art! Enjoy the free pattern at the end of this blog to make different sizes! The video tutorial shows size LARGE ADULT.

Sugar SkullFollow along with this video to learn…

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